• Respect our staff the venue and other attendees: Basically, Don’t be a jerk.
  • BYO is more than welcome in campsites. Gastown is strictly no BYO. $7 Beers and $10 spirits in Gastown, woo!
  • Keep the racing to the tracks.
  • Only ride in the direction of track stated.
  • Obey Track Marshalls, Flaggers, Security, Scrutineers, Bar Tenders and Medical Crew at all times.
  • Suitable footwear, long sleeves, pants, helmet, goggles/glasses and gloves on track. Helmets MUST be worn anytime you are on a motorycle.
  • Bring warm clothing for night time as it gets cold. Wind can get strong at Krusic’s, so make sure your camp gear is secured.
  • Buying stuff: We will have card options but bring some cash, as a backup, if reception goes bad so will the eftpos.
  • Food Trucks and Coffee will be available for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • Free drinking water so bring a mug/bottle to fill up!
  • Please take the rubbish with you. At entry, we will provide you with a rubbish bag, please put these in the skips when leaving.
  • Bring some Berrocca for the hangovers and then use the container or something similar to put your ciggie butts in (Please, respect the land).
  • Nearest fuel is in Sale 26km away, so bring jerry cans!
  • We will have waivers to sign when checking in.


  • No pets, there’s going to be a lot of loud noises and we’d hate to see
  • spooked pets. Sorry folks
  • Gas bottles
  • Glass (no glass at all!)
  • Kegs
  • Full patch clubs/Colours
  • Generators
  • Drugs
  • Fires
  • BBQs
  • Flares, Fireworks etc
  • Weapons
  • Bad attitudes.
  • Egos. We’re here to have fun!
  • Sexist, Racist or Homophobic prints, logos, patches and/or attitudes.


What tires can I run?

Basically, anything that isn’t going to tear/rut our tracks a new one.

Big ruts make it pretty unsafe for our less dirt inclined bikes and more track maintenance that needs to be performed means less riding time. DOT and non DOT tires are fine for all tracks other than the flat track where dual sport/road/trials are needed on the rear (excluding low CC bikes of course)

What bikes are Dirt Daze Approved?

We want to see the strange and exotic along with outright mass produced reliables out there giving the dirt a go. From Choppers to Street Trackers, Posties to race Hooligans, Scooters to V twins, Enduros to scramblers and Vintage MX to modern road bikes. Just keep in the spirit of the event and realise you will be sharing courses with both bikes and riders far above and far below your dirt speed and riding capabilities. Keep it cool, help people when they need a hand picking up their bike.

Why is it advertised as “No racing” and “No Classes”?

Dirt Daze is all about experiencing as many different genres of tracks as possible on whatever bike you own. It’s not a competitive race day, it’s an open fun day. If you want to tee up some races with your mates, then that’s cool too. Just line up together and chuck some laps. Create your own trophies and wooden spoon awards and make it an annual thing!

Just line up at the track you want to run and go your hardest. Or softest. Whatever.

What is GASTOWN, exactly?

GASTOWN is the epicenter of Dirt Daze. Its home to food, drinks, entertainment and games. GASTOWN offers the best view of all the tracks.

Do I need a license to ride?

Learners permits and up are cool by us.

Do bikes need to be road registered?

No, we will give them a basic scrutineering to make sure they aren’t going to harm you or others on the track, (e.g. rusted out, leaky, open sprocket death-traps) then it’s Dirt Daze time for you! Homebuilt, custom bikes are welcome, and highly encouraged! We want to see some wild shit in years to come.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

100% Yes. Helmets must be worn at all times while on a motorcycle. Helmets must meet or exceed ECE and or AUS/NZ safety standards, the same as when riding on the road. There will be zero tolerance with non-compliance. Helmets must be worn and done up securely anytime that you are on a motorcycle including on the track, in the campsite or anywhere in-between. You will be given one warning and then a second incident will result in no more Dirt Daze for you. Do the right thing, be cool.

Can I have some drinks then ride?

All riders must be under the legal limit to ride at Dirt Daze.


We offer a daytime pass (for spectating only). No under 18s are permitted on the track. They’d probably show us up and that would be embarrassing.

Is there a day riding pass?

Full tickets include riding/camping. Day pass only covers spectating.

Will tickets be available at the gate?

No, tickets are only available online.

Is there a ride from Melbourne?

Several, check local Facebook groups for info.

What happens if I can’t ride my bike back?

We’ll put a call out and see if another Dirt Dazer can help you get it home. Community vibes for the win!


Free-for-all! There are dedicated camping sites and first in best dressed. There’s enough room for over 1000 Campers so tons of room for your crew, cars, campers, and bikes. There is no power in the campsites.

Where can I park my bike when I’m not riding?

Gastown in the designated area or your campsite.

Toilets & Showers?

Plenty of clean portables around the site, both in Gastown and Campsites. No showers on site, we like it dirty!

Is there Medical on site?

Yes, let’s hope you never meet them.

What about Fuel?

Bring Jerry Cans or Sale is only 15 mins away.

Will there be tools or a workshop on site?

Yes! Kustom Kommune will have an on-site “Workshop of Shame” or the “I went down in a fiery blaze of glory repair center”. Depends on how you look at it!

Charging Stations?

Yep! You’ll be able to charge phones, cameras etc That’s how much we love you legends.

Fires and BBQS?

Unfortunately, there is a strict NO FIRE, NO BBQ, NO GAS BOTTLEpolicy due to Fire safety. With the recent bushfires tearing through the area it is also just being considerate to those who have lost property/homes. We know this sucks, but please work with us on this one.

Need to know more? Just reply to this email!